Account Administration

Management Tools

ACCESS projects use the ACCESS user portal for project and account management.

Non-ACCESS project and account management, such as adding someone to a project, is handled by NCSA Identity and NCSA group management tools. For more information, see the NCSA Allocation and Account Management page.

Configuring Your Account

Bash is the default shell. To change the default shell, submit a support request.

Environment variables: ACCESS CUE, SLURM batch

Using Modules/Lmod


The majority of Delta is allocated through ACCESS and is the preferred path to getting compute time on Delta. A portion of the Delta system is also available to Illinois researchers, primarily to fill needs not met by the ACCESS program. See the Delta Allocations page to learn more, including how to submit allocation requests.

Allocation Policies

ACCESS awarded projects and allocations should receive periodic messages regarding approaching project expiration.

  • An ACCESS project is marked for inactivation once it has no valid resource allocation on the system.

  • Current ACCESS policy is for user access to be removed if a user is not a member of any active project on Delta.

  • Delta does NOT allow storage only allocations, all user accounts must be on an active compute resource allocation. All Delta storage resources are intended for data in active use. Delta does not provide storage resources for archiving data or other long-term storage.

Illinois awarded projects and allocations currently do not receive periodic messages regarding approaching project expiration.

  • Manual notifications are being provided, as needed.

  • The Delta Project office is working on a process for notifications, and project and account inactivation based on expiration dates.

There is a 30-day grace period for expired Delta projects to allow for data management access only.

Allocation Supplements and Extensions

Request resource allocation supplements (compute, GPU, or storage) and extensions via the appropriate XRAS website.