Getting Help

ACCESS Allocations

For ACCESS allocation issues, create a ticket via the ACCESS Help page (ACCESS log in required). You can browse other ACCESS support resources on the ACCESS Support page (ACCESS log in not required).

NAIRR Pilot Projects

For issues specific to NAIRR Pilot projects that have been awarded time on Delta, please submit your issues to NAIRR Pilot support by emailing

Explore Solutions

System users can often fix problems or help diagnose them on their own. The following are some strategies to try before you submit a support request:

  • Search the documentation for relevant keywords; use the search box in the upper left.

  • If you’re getting an error, perform a web search of the error message (Google, Bing, or others).

  • If you’re looking for a package, perform a web search for “how do I install <package name>” and try the solutions you find that seem applicable and reasonable.

When you submit a support request, please let us know what you tried, and what happened if it didn’t seem to work.

General Resource Support

For all other issues, regardless of allocation type, please submit a support request by emailing [email protected]. Your email will initiate a ticket that NCSA staff will use to help you.

To help NCSA staff efficiently address your request, in your initial email, please include:

  • A descriptive subject line starting with Delta (for example, “Delta: srun isn’t working.”)

  • In the email body, include:

    • The UserID you use to log into the system.

    • The name of the allocation account that you use to submit jobs.

    • Approximately when (date/time) the issue occurred.

    • What you were trying to do and how you tried to do it.

    • Why you think it isn’t working.

    • Commands or scripts you ran, in enough detail to reproduce the problem (text files are preferred).

    • The output and/or error messages you got (text files are preferred).

    • Did you install any modules? If so, which ones? (run module list and paste the output into the message)

    • If your command or script worked in the past, when did it stop working?

    • Any other approaches you’ve tried.

    • Any other information you think might be relevant.

If you have multiple, unrelated issues, please create a separate ticket for each by sending separate emails.

You will receive email correspondence as your ticket is worked on, please respond to any questions that are asked.