Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Delta?

Log into the Delta login nodes via Secure Shell (SSH) using your NCSA username, password, and NCSA Duo MFA. See Delta Login Methods for more information, including the login node hostnames.

How do I request access to Delta?

Most Delta compute resource allocations are awarded through the ACCESS program.

See the Delta Allocations page to learn more about the different allocation methods and how to submit an allocation request to each.

How do I get help if I can’t find the answer in the documentation?

If you can’t find the answer in the documentation (or via the search bar in the upper left corner), submit a support request. The ticket that is initiated becomes a discussion of your problem and the path to a solution.

How do I acknowledge Delta, NCSA, and/or ACCESS in my research?

See Delta Citations for information on how to acknowledge Delta or NCSA, and Acknowledging ACCESS for information on how to acknowledge ACCESS.

What causes “ImportError: /lib64/ version GLIBCXX_3.x.x not found”?

This can result from bringing software onto Delta that was not built on the system using the system programming modules. You can usually work around this by setting:


Why doesn’t nvidia-smi find a GPU?

You are running the command on a CPU-only compute node or on one of the login nodes. Only the GPU nodes contain NVIDIA GPUs, and they are accessible via the Slurm batch system. See Running Jobs.