Use Jupyter extensions to customize or enhance your JupyterLab environment. To install extensions using the extension manager:

  1. Click on the Extension Manger (puzzle) piece icon on the left side of your JupyterLab environment.

    If you don’t see the puzzle piece icon, enable the extension manager by going to the Settings menu and selecting Enable Extension Manager.

    Extension manager icon.
  2. Click the Yes button in the feature WARNING pane.

    Extension manager warning that states JupyterLab doesn't review third-party extensions and that the panel needs to fetch data from web services.
  3. In the DISCOVER pane, browse available extensions.

    Extension manager discover pane.
  4. Click the Install button to install your selected extension.

  5. Refresh your webpage, when prompted.


    This will stop any processes running in your JupyterLab environment.

    Refresh your page pop-up window.
  6. View your installed extensions in the INSTALLED pane. You can also Uninstall or Disable installed extensions from this pane.

    Extension manager installed extensions pane.