System Description

Resource Limits

The default resource limits for each user are:

  • 1 CPU core guaranteed (up to 4 possible)

  • 2GB guaranteed system memory (up to 8GB possible)

  • 100GB persistent file storage

  • 3 shared NVIDIA A100 GPUs are accessible from the PyTorch server

  • 1 shared NVIDIA V100 GPU is accessible from the PyTorch server

  • Notebooks are temporary and intended to last a maximum of 24 hours. Notebooks older than 24 hours may be ended without warning.


Notebooks run live in a web browser, if you close your web browser or lose your internet connection for more than 1 hour, your notebook and running processes may end. It is expected that running processes will continue if your connection is interrupted for less than 1 hour.

User Directory

Attributes of your user directory are:

  • Unlike notebooks, files in your user directory are persistent.

  • ICRN does not backup data, you are responsible for backing up your files.

Server Options

Python Server

The Python server has Python and Conda installed and runs on a CPU. Python is a general-purpose programming language. Conda is an open source package management system.

R Server

The R server has popular R packages installed and runs on a CPU. R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

PyTorch Server

The PyTorch server has PyTorch installed and runs on a GPU. NVIDIA provides a brief overview of GPU computing at the beginning of the Using GPUs with Python webinar hosted by NCSA. You can view past recordings of this webinar, and others, in the Past NCSA Training Events Repository in the HPC Moodle.