Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into ICRN?

See Accessing the System for instructions on how to log into ICRN.

What type of workloads is ICRN best for?

ICRN provides each user with 1 CPU core guaranteed, 2GB of guaranteed system memory, and 100GB of persistent file storage. Individual notebooks are temporary (intended for a maximum of 24 hours) and progress could be lost if your browser’s connection is lost for more than 1 hour. See see Resource Limits for more details.

If your workload needs exceed the ICRN resource limits, consider using another Illinois Computes resource.

How do I get help using ICRN?

If you have questions about ICRN that aren’t answered by this documentation, see Getting Help for instructions on how to submit a support request.

How do I provide feedback or request additional features?

To provide feedback about ICRN or request additional features, please email [email protected]. Include "ICRN" in the email subject so it is routed to the appropriate NCSA staff.