Getting Help

For any other questions or issues not answered by this documentation, please submit a support request by emailing [email protected]. Your email will initiate a ticket that NCSA staff will use to help you.

To help NCSA staff efficiently address your request, in your initial email, please include:

  • A descriptive subject line starting with “ICRN” (for example, “ICRN: Permission denied error loading numpy package”)

  • In the email body, include:

    • Your NetID.

    • What web browser were you using.

    • Which server you were using (Python, R, or PyTorch).

    • Approximately when (date/time) the issue occurred.

    • What you were trying to do and how you tried to do it.

    • Why you think it isn’t working.

    • Commands or scripts you ran, in enough detail to reproduce the problem (screenshots are ok).

    • The output and/or error messages you got (screenshots are ok).

    • Did you install any packages or extensions? If so, which ones?

    • If your command or script worked in the past, when did it stop working?

    • Any other approaches you’ve tried.

    • Any other information you think might be relevant.

If you have multiple, unrelated issues, please create a separate ticket for each by sending separate emails.

You will receive email correspondence as your ticket is worked on, please respond to any questions that are asked.