Hydro User Documentation


The Hydro HPC system provides highly productive resources and services for computational and data-intensive science. It is designed for maximum throughput on large-scale, complex applications using InfiniBand interconnect architecture. Hydro consists of 55 server nodes with a mix of AMD and Intel CPUs, and 18 NVIDIA A100 GPUs, 6 PB of online storage and 430 Gbps in external networking capability. The architectural balance makes Hydro capable of supporting an extremely wide range of science disciplines and uses, from at scale simulation and modeling to the most advanced approaches to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Hydro supports a current Linux base software stack and programming environment.

Getting Started with High-Performance Computing

There are no specific prerequisite courses or high-performance computing (HPC) experience required before using Hydro. However, if you are unfamiliar with using an HPC cluster, it is highly recommended that you take NCSA’s short tutorial Using an HPC Cluster for Scientific Applications before continuing.

Browse NCSA’s HPC-Moodle for a full list of HPC training opportunities including self-paced tutorials and training events (in-person and virtual).